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Marine Tech Talk

Mar 22, 2021

This episode is the second in a special four-part series on “Silbo”, Teledyne Webb Research’s autonomous underwater glider that recently made the first ever circumnavigation of the Atlantic Ocean by an unmanned underwater vehicle. In this episode of Marine Tech Talk, we are joined by Justin Shapiro, Former Applications Engineer – Slocum Glider, Teledyne Webb Research. Justin discusses the recovery of Silbo in Ireland, the training course that the glider team was able to arrange there while Silbo was being cleaned up and refit, and then the planning and work that was done during leg three of the journey in the Canary Islands.

For more information on Slocum Gliders, visit our website at There is a press release on the website that also details the journey as well as a recorded webinar on the journey that can be found on our LINK Webinar channel. For more information on how Slocum gliders are helping researchers and commercial customers explore and understand the ocean, you can google Slocum Gliders or search Twitter for posts from our many customers.