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Marine Tech Talk

Dec 11, 2020

In this fall series of podcasts, we introduce some of the winners and general entrants from the 2020 Teledyne Marine Photo Contest. Teledyne’s annual Photo/ Data Contest concluded with over 80 qualified submissions that helped the company donate over $1200 to Save the Children as part of a charitable giving campaign.

In this episode we speak with Maria Valladares Anton, an oceanography technician and glider pilot at the AquaPacífico Aquaculture Innovation Center at the Universidad Catholica de Norte in Angtofagasta, Chile. Maria submitted photos taken while deploying a Slocum glider in La Herradura Bay in Coquimbo, a coastal city in Northern Chile. Maria and an integrated team of scientists from other universities have been using the Slocum glider to study coastal upwellings and other oceanographic processes in the waters around Chile.